Pretty Paws Grooming - Services & Specials


Pricing depends on the pet's size, condition, type, and/or regularity of service. Therefore, prices are tailored to each individual four legged companion.


Included In All Groomings:

1. Shampoo & Conditioner

2. Anal Glands Drained

3. Hand Blow Dry (No Cage Drying)

4. Brushed

5. Toe Nails Clipped & Filed

6. Ear Hair Removal

7. Ear Cleaning

8. Scissor/Clipper Finish

9. Custom Bows

10. Cologne/Perfume

11. Treats & Love


Additional Services:

Top of the line Flea & Tick Treatments

High Quality Medicated Shampoo for Skin Issues


Teeth Brushing



We work by appointment only*. This allows us to give each pet tailored care, and we strive to complete each pets visit in two hours. However, this may vary depending on the pet’s size, condition, and our volume of work.


*Special arrangements can be made to accommadate any schedule, just call and ask! 

- Monthly Special(s)/ Promotion(s) -